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Regain lost Google rankings with our Google Recovery Services and get your business back. Our link detox experts will use tried and tested methods to fix your links profile. Always adopting white hat practices, we have mastered the skills needed to work with changing search algorithms.

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From the analysis of your backlink profile to the removal of links that could be harming your website to Google re-inclusion requests, CongentSEO is fully equipped to handle the recovery of your once prominent rankings.

Google Penguin is targeted at link spam in efforts to do away with sites that have attempted to manipulate and skew the search results in one’s favor, specifically through off-page over-optimization tactics that are against Google’s guidelines.


Local SEO FAQs

A search engine penalty is the negative impact on a website’s search rankings based on updates to the search engine algorithm or a manual review and penalization for following SEO black hat techniques. These penalties may be total (a complete de-indexing or ban of your website) or partial (deteriorating rankings or certain pages being ranked poorly).

You can remove a penalty from Google in the following ways:

  • Remove the backlinks that caused the penalty by using the Disavow tool
  • Fix your website to adhere to Google’s webmaster guidelines
  • Improve content quality for your users
  • Once you’ve cleaned up the issues, submit a request for reconsideration through your manual action report in Google Search Control

Penguin penalties are all about link spam such as low-quality backlinks. Once you have determined that a Penguin penalty hit you, take the following steps to recover:

  • Create a list of backlinks
  • Analyse these backlinks for quality
  • Keep track of the links you want to remove or improve
  • Get the links disavowed or get in touch with webmasters for link removal
  • Actively keep a track of your links and follow only white-hat practices to save yourself from getting hit with a Penguin penalty again

Keyword stuffing is an outdated strategy for SEO and can lead to penalties or deindexing. It results in unreadable and unhelpful content that search engines mark as spam. Search engine algorithms try their best to rank high-quality content and keyword stuffing is considered a black-hat method of SEO.

Once you have determined the backlinks you wish to disavow, head to the Disavow tool. You can submit your requests here, leading to cleaner backlinks. Please be extremely careful of the links you are disavowing – you can damage your SEO if not done correctly.