Lead-Based Marketing

Quality Leads at Predefined Rates

Having run hundreds of lead generation campaigns over the years, we have the expertise in delivering tons of quality leads at mutually agreed Cost Per Lead (CPL) rates. We will design a user-friendly landing page, drive targeted traffic from various sources and deliver quality leads.

B2B marketers work in an environment that is constantly evolving: technology is changing how buyers interact with brands and best practices are moving targets. 

differences between lead-based
and account-based marketing

Of course, there never has been, and never will be, a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. Every industry, niche, business, and target audience has its own needs, pain points, and tools. So let’s explore some key differences between lead-based and account-based marketing so you can decide which is best for your brand or business.

AIDA marketing formula, these
correspond to Attention – Interest – Desire – Action.


the customer’s awareness of a need


deciding to move on/evaluating the worth


making the purchase


Lead-Based Marketing FAQs

Lead nurturing consists of cross-channel communication that combines content marketing and marketing automation to create a system that builds and maintains relationships with customers.
It is a crucial part of the sales process of many companies. A lead is anyone who has shown interest in a company’s products or services but may not yet be qualified to buy. They are potential customers with whom a company has not yet done business, but who have given reason to believe they may want to in the future.
7 Techniques To Keep Leads Engaged And Turn Them To Customers
  1. Technique – 1: Nurture Your Leads!
  2. Technique – 2: Create An Omni Channel Lead Magnet.
  3. Technique – 3: Optimize Digital Engagement Tools.
  4. Technique-4: Offer Personalization.
  5. Technique-5: Make Use Of Analytics.
Lead generation is the process of converting “strangers” like website visitors into leads. The lead generation process usually ends with an exchange. For example, a website visitor gives you their email address and name to download one of your free ebooks.
Lead generation is part of marketing with sales being in charge of closing the leads so it makes sense that these departments are aligned when it comes to lead generation.